Once upon a time, there was a sad and discouraged member of a village that desperately wanted to be an Artist. Try as they might, this person could never reach the point where they felt they could successfully and confidently be the very thing they yearned to be. They constantly compared themselves against the achievements, skills and styles of the artists in the neighboring villages. Because of that, felt they would never measure up to the title.

One day, a wee faerie heard the sad laments of the villager and decided she could help by offering to grant a wish. She appeared to them in their cottage and announced her intentions. Of course, they wished for that ever-elusive desire to be an Artist. “Oh that’s an easy one!” said the sprite as she winked and grinned.

The villager’s eyes grew large with hope and their smile reached from ear to ear. “Really?! You mean it’s really possible? Me? A real Artist??” they exclaimed. “Why absolutely,” replied the faerie,  “You just need to follow my instructions exactly after I touch your head with my wand. Then, if you do what I say, your fondest wish will come true.” Gulping down their fear and agreeing to go ahead with it (after all, what did they have to lose??), the villager bowed their head, sighed deeply and announced, “I’m ready to do this!” And so, the magic began!

Although they couldn’t see it because they were looking down, the faerie had a kind but very mischievous smile on her face. She brought the tip of her wand to the crown of the wisher’s head and began the spell with these words. “POOF! The title of Artist will be be yours by going to your mirror and reciting these 4 magic statements. These words are sacred and hold great power so be sure to say them all while looking into your own eyes! These words can be invoked daily and when needed. Are you ready?” The villager nodded their head and she continued. “ OK. These are the 4 sentences you must say: I am an Artist. I learn great things while I progress. I lovingly nurture and respect my own style and talents. And most importantly, I bless others with the joy I discover in my art.” Then, she lifted her wand and waited. The villager looked up, sighed deeply and then ran to the nearest mirror.

Following the instructions exactly and in order, the faerie could see the realization spread slowly across the villager’s face. They turned to the faerie excited and joyful. “Thank you so much! My wish is granted and I am now an Artist! This is amazing! I can’t wait to get started on my artistic journey! How do I ever thank you?!”

The small being just smiled and tapped her wand to her own head which sent lots of tiny stars circling around her curly hair. “No problem at all. As I told you, those words hold great power so be sure to use them often and when needed. There may be times when you begin to doubt again but remember that you now hold the power within to turn doubt into confidence. You actually had this magic sleeping inside you all along and I just kind of helped you to awaken it. So the Artist energy is yours if you stay open to it no – matter – what! Promise?” The new Artist smiled, nodded enthusiastically and replied, “Yes, I promise. And thank you again!”

The tiny being left the villager knowing she gave them what they needed to begin their journey. And then, POOF!, she was on to the next villager to help them awaken their own magic.

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  1. Well, that is me! Thank you so much for that story. It makes sense but artists
    seem to be very famous! I just love to create! Nancy

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